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RETRO BILL Safety & Self-Esteem Tips (DVD)


DVD - $15.00

This exciting
DVD includes the following safety & self-esteem tips:

Positive Attitude (Never Give Up)
Internet Safety
Bike Safety
School Bus Safety
Staying Safe While Home Alone
A Good Circle of Friends
School Safety & Good Character
Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative

Tornado Watch and Warning

Halloween Safety

Running Time: 18 mins
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$15.00 each + shipping


D.A.R.E. Safety Tips Starring RETRO BILL (DVD)


DVD - $20.00

This exciting
DVD includes the following safety tips:

Why is it important to follow directions? (click to view)
Why is important to know what is going on around you?  (click to view)
Why shouldn't you take gifts or rides from strangers? (click to view)
Who can you call in case of an emergency? (click to view)
Why should you stay with your friends in public places? (click to view)
What should you do if you are not picked up on time?  (click to view)
What should you do if you find a gun?
(click to view)
How can you tell what is safe to touch, taste, smell or eat?
(click to view)
Why should you refuse to go inside the house of a person you don't know?
 (click to view)
If you are home alone and someone calls or knocks on the door, what should you do?
(click to view)
How can you say no?
What are you feeling?
What should you do when angry?
How do you avoid fights?
If you are in an unsafe situation at the mall, what should you do?
Why should you let people responsible for you know where you are?
What should you do if someone tries to touch you in ways you don't like?
When are drugs helpful or harmful?
How are tobacco, alcohol, and other dangerous drugs harmful?
What do gangs do to hurt you and your neighborhood?

Running Time: 44 mins
Click here for more information about  this video!

$20.00 each + shipping


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